U by Kotex

Missile Moments


Let’s face it, tampons aren’t really a topic of conversation. So how could we reach 14-to-24 year-old women to tell them about the new U by Kotex Designer Series Tampon Range, with its new discreet pouch-style packaging?


We started with a simple insight. Women have tampons rolling around in their handbags, popping out at inconvenient times.


Missile Moments, inspired by MTV’s Punk’d

We coined the term Missile Moments and developed Punk’d style filmed content, inspired by these stories, which we knew would appeal to the target audience.


First, we launched the Missile Moments film on the U by Kotex Australia Facebook page, supported with a small spend for amplification. This was accompanied by a YouTube presence which we used as part of our media outreach.

To support this film, we took some light-hearted stories to the media, with research revealing strange items women have in their handbags. These stories broke first on Yahoo 7! Lifestyle, one of Australia’s most popular websites.

Then, to further build awareness amongst our audience of 14 to 24 year old women, a partnership with five online influencers saw them post images of the new product on Instagram, driving to the @UbyKotex Instagram account.


Not only did the campaign achieve 8 million impressions with media, but reach over 530,000 on Facebook and contributed to a 73% increase in the brand’s Instagram account fans. It also convinced a major retailer to increase stocks to 75% of its stores. All this without ATL or display advertising to support it.

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