Emotional investment from consumers in the TV category is at an all-time low. They've seen and heard it all.
They're more interested in the things they're watching on the TV – such as live sports – than the technology in the TV itself.

Furthermore, for consumers there are more exciting screens than TVs – such as mobiles and tablets.

To re-engage consumers with its innovative TV products – such as its new Curved Screen UHD Televisions - Samsung needed to heighten the experience that only TVs could deliver.

With the introduction of its revolutionary Curved UHD TVs, Samsung needed to get Australians to sit up and take notice of Samsung's game-changing TV technology.


We decided to target Australia's most passionate television audience – sporting fans – and get them excited by Samsung's story of innovation.

Could we do as Samsung’s Curved UHD televisions do, and make sporting fans feel more immersed in the action?


We created a campaign around Samsung's SlideLiner – a four-person couch that slides up and down the sideline at rugby matches featuring Australia's national rugby team, the Wallabies.

By keeping up with the gameplay, it gave occupants the best possible view of the rugby action, while remaining firmly in view of TV cameras and audiences around the world.


We knew that SlideLiner would already earn its way into broadcast media - by literally slidling into shot during televised coverage of rugby matches.

The opportunity here was to get audiences excited about it before, during and after these telecasts. And, given the novel appeal of SlideLiner, we also saw the opportunity to take the story beyond Australian sports fans.

Prior to SlideLiner's launch, we offered an exclusive to social media, print and online journalists at News Corp – Australia's biggest network of news properties. We invited them to be the first to see the SlideLiner at the filming of a campaign TVC.

This story was held for two weeks while a promotional campaign was prepared. Then, we worked with social media editors to launch SlideLiner to the social followers of News Corp's properties. Followers were then directed to online, broadcast and print properties to discover more.

As social momentum picked up, we secured international coverage across major global outlets including the BBC, Guardian, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Eurosport and others.


Our aim was to get Australian's to sit up and take notice of Samsung's game-changing technology, particularly in the TV category. SlideLiner delivered – not only through the awareness it generated, but through a demonstrable business impact.


• An estimated reach of over 34 million in 105 countries
• A total earned media AVE of $101m globally, including in-broadcast syndications
• Over 140 individual pieces of coverage globally
• International headlines in major media outlets including BBC, Guardian, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Eurosport.
• Domestic coverage across every major masthead
• A rugby-focused story that reached non-rugby playing countries


• Brand preference - despite heavy competitive activity, Samsung maintained its position as Australia's number one most preferred television brand
• ROI - a total campaign return of investment of 3,845%

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