For the past three years, Kimberly Clark's Huggies brand has donated to the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia (CHFA), through the Hugs for Healing program. These funds go towards purchasing life-saving medical equipment, with every packet of Huggies nappies purchased during a promotional period, generating a dollar donation to CHFA.

This year, our challenge was to do more than generate awareness of the promotion. We needed mothers to become emotionally invested in this very important cause.


Hugs are scientifically proven to help heal the sick. And through funding supplied by Huggies for medical equipment, the healing power of a hug is now so much greater.


Hugs really do heal.

Through the real-life stories of children who have been helped by CHFA, we showed how hugs can help heal


We started with emotive video content that told the stories of sick children – and their families – who had been helped by CHFA.

These were launched at a Huggies Hugs for Healing media event hosted by celebrity Jodi Gordon.There, the media could meet with the
families we had worked with first hand to truly discover the healing power of hugs.

From an earned media perspective, we adopted a tailored media approach to share not only the stories of some of Australia’s bravest families, but also the unsung heroes behind the scenes, including nurses and doctors from the CHFA.


Video views: Over 1,300,000 views
Media reach: Over 14,000,000 impressions

Video content generated over 1.3M video views, with almost 500,000 completed video views via Youtube, while earned media generated a range of national coverage in outlets such as the Daily Mail and Woman’s Day.

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