This Is Us


In 1952, Dan Edelman planted the seed for a new kind of company – one that would redefine the role of public relations. Today, we’re a leading global communications marketing agency.


We continue to push the boundaries of communications, grounded by our core values and strengthened by our independence. Our independence means that we need only answer to our clients and employees. We use our profits to strengthen our business, improve the lives of our employees, advance our industry and be a responsible citizen of the world.


As interconnected, empowered audiences change how business is done, brands and companies must shift from demanding attention to earning relevance and trust.

We guide our clients through this sea-change, helping them to protect their reputation, build relationships and to tell stories that prompt people to click, inspire them to share, and move them to act.


Our commitment to our founder’s principles are expressed in our core values – excellence, curiosity and courage – that we strive to work and live by every day.